Special Panel
There is a very peculiar panel in our school as under, this panel guides us from time to time :-

LATE Dr. BRIJ LAL VERMA (Former member of U.P.P.S.C. & Head of Utkarsh Academy) – This includes blessings and inspirations in formation of the school from his excellency. LATE Dr. BRIJ LAL VERMA was not only as an eminent educationist of the city but also a humanitarian social worker.

LATE H.S. CHAURASIA (Ex-Admn. Officer Govt. of India, Ministry of Defence)- He had been with us an administrative advisor. He always provided administrative guidance and valuable suggestion in the important matters required for smooth functioning of the institution. His blessing and inspirations will always be with us.

SHRI R.P. SINGH (Ex-Principal, L.P. Intermediate College, Kanpur)- "A well know Ex. Principal among the Principals of other famous intermediate Colleges of Kanpur city. Apart from this, he has been an eminent lecturer because of his very sound background in science & Maths subjects." He contributed his valuable educational advices with regard to select competent teachers of the school from time to time. He also issues his teaching instruction to teaching staff as and when required. We are proud having such an excellent advisor with us.

MAJOR UDAI KUMAR- An Ex-Army officer, who has been assiting the school management in well disciplined manner and gaining reputation in the locality.

DR. A.K. DEY (Dey Hospital), DR. RAVINDRA CHAURASIYA (Mohan Children Hospital) – They are renowned child specialist and they gave their valuable services and health tips to our students.

Mr. Ganga Prasad Chaurasia ( Governor of Sikkim ).

MRS. VIBHA DUBEY (Social Worker) – "She gave her valuable advices to our school regarding discipline, teaching & cultural activities.

Mrs. RICHARD - Former Principal of Christ Church College

Dr. Pakaja Pandey - Homeopathy Doctor and consultant

Dr. Vishnu Mishra ( B. D. S M.l.D.A) - Dental surgeon and consult certified in Ortho laser and implant Honoured by Health Minister of Uttar Pradesh Shri Jai Pratap Singh.

Dr. Hema Agnihotri - BHMS Medical officer kanpur Dehat
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