Director’s Message
In 2004 we had planted a small sapling in the form of R.G. Academy to fulfill the heartiest desire of our father Late Shri Girish Chaurasia. Since then we are continuously trying to instill and to make it bloom with the fragrance of success. We are working very hard with a team of dedicated, efficient and talented faculty. Our commitment aims at nurturing and giving beautiful shape to the children who are under the care of our spirited and vibrant staff. We have marched ahead and ahead and set many milestones on the path of education. Yet we have to achieve more and more but it will not be possible without the strong support and valuable suggestions of the parents. Parents are our “Path Pradarshak” in the real sense. They make and let us know the reality.

We are not contended by the name and fame, we are still striving for excellence. May God bestow us with courage and his blessings.
Work is Worship

Mr. Vijay Chaurasia
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