R.G. Academy has a system of consistent evaluation programme for kids: It includes two units tests, Assessments test, Half Yearly Exams & Annual Exams.

(1) Student will not be allowed to give unit test and examination untill all his / her dues are cleared.

(2) The passing marks in a subject are 35%

(3) A student failing in Eng., Hindi, Maths, Science & S. Study subjects will not be promoted.

(4) The promotion of student will depend on the average marks obtained in Unit Tests, Assessment Test, Half Yearly and Final Examination.

(5) 75% attendance is compulsory for all students for appearing in the final exam.

(6) Promotion will not be granted if a child does not appear for the final exam, wholly or partially for any reason what ever.

(7) The student who is absent for any assessment, no provision will be made for a supplementary test.

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